Beat the Heat with Your Perfect Stay Cool Summer Wardrobe

At last the long awaited Summer has arrived… now comes the dilemma of what to wear to stay cool. Received wisdom tells us that as the temperature soars we should wear loose fitting clothes made of natural fibres. The great news is that this doesn’t mean you have to go out wearing a sack cloth! At Woosters we have fabulous outfits aplenty to see you through this warm spell and beyond. What’s more, our Summer Sale is now underway, so there are plenty of lovely bargains to be had across the many individual brands that we stock.

Whether you prefer Sahara’s cool linens, the over-sized tops from Masai, or the free flowing tunics from Join, there is sure to be something in-store that will help to keep you cool, calm and collected…oh, and did we mention that we have a sale on?!

We look forward to seeing you in Olney and helping you to choose your perfect stay cool Summer wardrobe. See you soon. PS We love this list of life hacks to keep you cool compiled by Cosmopolitan.